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Ensuring jobsite safety is one of our primary concerns, and Interface Electric maintains an ongoing safety program to minimize the risks to our own personnel and others on every jobsite. Our program includes both onsite inspections and regular safety meetings with our employees.

Our standing jobsite safety requirements are detailed below.




Jobsite Safety Requirements

  1. Intoxicating substances, including alcoholic beverages, are expressly forbidden on any Interface Electric jobsite, including the parking lot.

  2. Personnel suspected of reporting to a jobsite under the influence of any intoxicating substance must be immediately escorted from the site.

  3. Absolutely no scuffling or "horse play" on the job.

  4. Watch your step - DO NOT RUN!

  5. Maintain firm footing and even balance at all times.

  6. Observe proper lifting procedures - Begin in a comfortable position. Bend at the knees, not the waist. Lift straight - don't twist while lifting. Get help for heavy loads.

  7. Do not ride on or get below loads being carried by cranes.

  8. Hard hats must be worn at all times. Safety glasses, face shields, safety shoes, respirators, and other protective gear must be worn whenever the work requires, and as directed by a supervisor.

  9. Always wear safety goggles when breaking rock, grinding, chipping slag, using a cutting torch or chisel, welding, sanding, shooting studs, handling chemicals, etc.

  10. Clothing appropriate for the job must be worn. No dangling or loose clothing may be worn near moving machinery.

  11. Ensure that ladders are in serviceable condition and firmly placed before use.

  12. Both hands must remain free when ascending or descending ladders.

  13. When working with others, warn them before doing anything that could injure them.

  14. Ensure that others above and below are aware of your presence.

  15. Keep walkways clear of material.

  16. Practice good housekeeping. Keep work areas clean and free of stumbling hazards, grease, etc.

  17. Remove or bend down any protruding nails.

  18. Listen carefully to your supervisor's instructions. Whenever unsure about how to safely perform the work, ask BEFORE starting.

  19. Immediately report all injuries to your supervisor or first aid attendant for treatment and/or insurance documentation.

  20. Immediately report any damage to scaffolds, false floor, or other supporting structures to your supervisor.

  21. Never use compressed air to dust off clothing.

  22. Never use gasoline or any other explosive liquid as a cleaning fluid.

  23. Maintain oxygen and gas cylinders in secure, upright positions. Caps must be kept on all tanks not in use. Store oxygen and acetylene cylinders at least 20 feet from one another.

  24. Keep equipment guards and other protective devices in place at all times. Whenever guards are removed for repairs, replace them properly before starting up again.



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Last modified: September 28, 2005